Although I had a very  busy lifestyle, I was never really satisfied with anything. At least not until I discovered that photography was my biggest passion; one that I could continue for the rest of my life. Taking pictures has become something beyond the simple realization of images and has immensely changed the way I experience life. 

I specialize in food photography.  My work is very versatile as I style my photos depending on my client’s preferences. I mostly enjoy creating clear and colorful photographs which highlight the natural beauty of a product or dish. I’m inspired by color, shape and texture which I attempt to replicate in a photo and make viewers imagine the flavor and scent of the chosen dish. I prefer simple stylizations which accentuate the nature of the object. My goal is clear: it must be tasteful, appealing, and beautiful.

I began my career as a photojournalist working for several international  agencies and magazines, such as: Forbes (polish edition), Rewia, Gazeta Polska, Super Express, Nowy Dziennik, Bravo (polish edition), Gazeta Wyborcza, Press Chicago.

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